10 Steps to Customer Adoption - Webinar Overview

Are you trying to increase the adoption of your connected product solution? Would best practices help you in overcoming your customers’ challenges to adoption? In this video, Axeda’s Dan Murphy, Vice President of Marketing, provides an overview of the 10 steps to successful customer adoption, based on hundreds of our technical and business conversations with customers, online in our developer community, and at the Axeda Connexion conferences.

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Security is a primary concern for Axeda customers – largely product manufacturers and end customers that deliver and use connected products. Read this white paper to learn how Axeda provides a proven, cloud-based solution that supports your intelligent devices without major end-user modifications and extends your current network security model so that you can meet critical certification and compliance requirements.

Axeda® Policy Server, enables your customers to control and set policies on the remote actions performed on your product.

The Axeda® IoT Cloud Service provides the most advanced cloud-based software for managing connected products and assets and implementing innovative IoT applications.