IoT and Connected Products Adoption Resource Center

This resource center contains helpful collateral, customer examples, and videos to help you increase the end-user adoption of your connected product initiative. We will continually add resources to help you market and promote your program as well as to address any concerns or questions that your customers may have prior to adoption.

Featured Resource

Axeda’s second eBook in a series on M2M best practices — 10 steps, based on customer experience, for broader adoption of connected products. This eBook uncovers how the challenges of a connected product initiative are best overcome through training and communication.

Recommended Resources

Security is a primary concern for Axeda customers – largely product manufacturers and end customers that deliver and use connected products. Read this white paper to learn how Axeda provides a proven, cloud-based solution that supports your intelligent devices without major end-user modifications and extends your current network security model so that you can meet critical certification and compliance requirements.

Axeda® Policy Server, enables your customers to control and set policies on the remote actions performed on your product.

The Axeda® M2M Cloud Service provides the most advanced cloud-based software for managing connected products and assets and implementing innovative M2M applications.  Read how the service provides you with a secure and scalable M2M data integration and application development platform, connectivity over wired or wireless networks, and out-of-the-box device and asset management applications to reduce the cost and complexity of implementing M2M solutions.

Deploy to More Customers

Watch this video to learn how Axeda Policy Server can increase end-user adoption by enabling authorized customer administrators to establish and enforce the privacy policy for their products.

Watch a video overview of Axeda's Policy Server:
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