Vending has changed significantly as machines increasingly become connected. On the surface, customers purchase products based on the convenience of machine location and product selection, but it's the technologies employed by manufacturers and distributors who enable the sale that make all the difference in this low-margin business. In fact, a Harris Interactive survey for National Automatic Merchandising Association showed that:

  • 70% of non-core customers believe machines are unreliable, while 82% are unaware of technological advances in vending machines.
  • After convenience, variety is the #2 reason that consumers buy from sources other than vending machines.
  • 70% of consumers will not make a purchase if their favorite product is not available.

Machine manufacturers and distributors who are not connecting their products are quickly falling behind in sales.

Connect to and Communicate with Vending Machines


Many vending machines today are outfitted with MDB or DEX internal intelligence to physically dispense products, but, without a remote telemeter, they lack core communication capabilities. While some vending manufacturers offer a remote data port capability, the data ultimately resides in the manufacturers' proprietary environment — a portal that only provides basic functionality.

Axeda supports a range of hardware options and offers communication capabilities for wired and wireless machine setups, opening up a broad range of connection possibilities beyond the proprietary systems offered by the validation system vendors. Once connected, vending machines now have a voice, and it's not limited to a proprietary solution for remote service and cash management alone — it's now an active participant in the sales process when empowered with social media capabilities.

Smart Vending

Manage Machine Data from the Cloud

Service organizations can rely on the Axeda device management applications to remotely identify, diagnose, and repair issues with their machines from anywhere in the world. Producers of consumer goods, such as soda or ice cream, can use custom applications built with and deployed on the Axeda Platform to track the shipments to distribution centers as well as to vending machines.

For soda or ice cream offered in vending machines, vendors can remotely track the usage levels by product line and even modify the prices of those product lines that are in higher demand. The solution also enables machines to report back to their operations center with their current stock and any malfunctions.

With the Axeda Platform, a manufacturer and distributor of ice creamery machines is remotely collecting consumer data from their machines to monitor flavor use for accurate consumable resupply, track sales trends by geography and time of year, and remotely troubleshoot system issues to ensure maximum uptime.

Lonely Pastry

Innovate with Next-Generation Applications

Axeda has developed an application — demonstrated at Axeda Connexion '11 — that tracks an ice cream machine's coolest flavors, mix-ins, and total ice creams served. The application also featured a Twitter feed of consumers' favorite flavor suggestions, so that they can meet customer needs in generating increased revenue.
Axeda has also built additional smart vending solutions that demonstrate how companies can locate and remotely service vending machines, while monitoring the supply and inventory levels:

  • Axeda RemoteMonitor, an Android application for field service technicians to track and monitor the status of vending units
  • Axeda Jet Vending, a fully featured Flash application for service and operations to deliver remote service and track usage and inventory.

With a secure and scalable platform to build next-generation applications, the Axeda Platform presents endless opportunities for the vending industry in maximizing productivity and profitability. Examples include:

  • Cash Accountability - Reduce fraud by comparing field and device accounting
  • Cashless Technology - Increase sales by supporting more payment methods or a simple "select another?" option on machines
  • Item Level Tracking - Optimize product selection based upon sales history by product or location
  • Warehouse Management - Share real-time stock levels to pre-kit driver shipments of dry or refrigerated materials
  • Product Accountability - Ensure that the product stocking plan is working for your profits and customers, and that drivers are getting the right products to specific locations.
  • Forecasting - Watch trends by region, route, or time period to make informed delivery decisions
  • Merchandising - Compare trends for specific products and assure the right mix of products at specific locations, or groups of locations
  • Alarm Monitoring - Minimize downtime by proactively monitoring all machines for cash, fault, or customer feedback
  • Route Management- Associate machines in a specific route or region to optimize your fulfillment and service needs
  • Handheld Solutions - Bring consistency to your field operations by leveraging a browser-based interface to your field management software

Smart Vending App


Smart Vending App


Smart Vending App


Remote Monitor