According to Juniper Research, revenues from remote patient monitoring services that use mobile networks will rise to $1.9 billion globally by 2014. Other analyst and research firms have even larger projections of $4.4 billion by 2013 in the U.S. market alone (up from just $304 million in 2009).

With these types of projections, mHealth (or mobile health or telemedicine) is a massive opportunity for medical device manufacturers to extend patient care to households.

Connect to and Communicate with Devices in the Home

ConnectedThe key to the success of these mHealth initiatives is the ability to securely connect to these devices in the home to remotely monitor vital signs, medicine/oxygen levels, and other key indicators in improving patient health and ultimately saving lives.

By forging partnerships with the world's leading - edge device manufacturers and network operators, Axeda enables medical device manufacturers to easily and securely connect to any device on any network, using any communication method (Internet/WiFi, cellular, or satellite).


Securely Manage Data with Global Scalability

As the leading cloud platform for connected products and M2M solutions, the Axeda Platform delivers the security and scalability to handle millions of daily transactions generated as connected product deployments increase globally.

In fact, 75% of the world's top medical device manufacturers — including CareFusion, McKesson, and Philips — rely on the Axeda Platform to securely connect, manage, and innovate everything from MRI machines to medicine infusion pumps to blood analyzers. With this platform, these companies are well positioned to extend their connected product initiatives to support medical devices found in the home to ensure maximum device uptime, collect key data around machine performance and track the location ofdevices for accurate inventory management.


Innovate with M2M Applications

On top of reducing costs and improving device uptime in increasing customer satisfaction, Axeda enables medical device manufacturers to generate new sources of revenue with value-added services based on their collected device data. For example, by using the broad development capabilities of the Axeda Platform or working with one of our system integrators, medical device manufacturers can rapidly build M2M applications based on device data to help patients and their doctors understand habits and trends in providing more accurate diagnosis and living healthier lifestyles.

Visit the Axeda Developer Connection and get started building M2M applications today or contact us to speak to an mHealth expert.