Increasingly, high-technology manufacturers are expected to take ownership and responsibility for supporting the routine operation and performance of their deployed products — everything from switches and routers to storage arrays to blade frame servers and other high-tech or IT equipment.

This task is made more complex in multi-vendor environments where it is difficult to identify the source of problems, increasing call resolution time and customer downtime. In addition, vendors are also responsible for maintaining compliance with regulations, such as Sarbanes Oxley.

Communicate with High-Tech Equipment in Data Centers


ConnectedHigh-tech product manufacturers were early adopters of connected products, relying on modems and VPNs to establish connectivity and remotely service their equipment located in bank, hospital, retail, and other IT data centers. However, because these connectivity methods added additional cost and effort in terms of maintenance and support, these end-user locations mandated a better, secure, and standard way of connecting to their equipment.

With patented, Firewall-Friendly agents, high-tech product manufacturers are increasingly adopting Axeda to securely connect and communicate with their equipment in the world's most security-conscious environments. Banks, hospitals, labs, retail outlets, and other end-user locations are now more willing to adopt connected products because security is completely preserved without any changes to their IT security model. What's more, with the Axeda Policy Server, these end users can control and set policies on the remote actions performed on the equipment — further increasing adoption.

In situations where wireless connectivity is required, Axeda partners with AT&T and the world's leading edge device manufacturers to easily and securely connect to any device using wireless agent toolkits and the device protocol adapter.

Data Center

Securely Manage Data with Enterprise Scale


As the leading cloud platform for connected products and M2M solutions, the Axeda Platform delivers the security and scalability to handle millions of daily transactions generated as high-tech equipment deployments increase globally.

In fact, the world's top high-technology product manufacturers — including 3PAR (now HP), Comverse, Egenera, EMC, NetApp, Quantum, and others — rely on the Axeda Platform  to manage everything from carrier-grade voicemail systems to storage arrays to tape libraries to network appliances to blade frame servers. With Axeda, these companies are:

  • Predicting failures before they cause customer downtime
  •  Reducing call resolution time
  •  Performing remote software upgrades
  •  Delivering premium priced, measurable SLA support contracts
  •  Controlling and auditing remote system activity for regulatory compliance

Innovate with M2M Applications


In addition to providing higher levels of uptime with their high-tech equipment in meeting SLAs, product manufacturers are realizing additional value from the M2M data. For example, by integrating M2M data with back-end systems, high-tech product manufacturers can M2Mize their organization in enabling engineering to build high-performance products based on actual customer usage.

With Axeda M2M application services, these companies can also build M2M applications based on the M2M data to establish a greater bond with their customers by displaying key KPIs, such as availability, performance, disk space, and more.

Visit the Axeda Developer Connection and get started building M2M applications today or contact us to learn how we can help you get to market fast with your connected product initiative.