With the Axeda Platform, ISVs and developers can build fleet management applications in days — not weeks, months, or years. Visit the M2M App Garage and see how Axeda built a fleet management application for a global fleet operator in days, enabling them to:

  • Identify trends that would indicate unsafe driving habits such as speeding, quick starts, or hard braking
  • Allow drivers to automatically report when they're starting and ending a site visit, and when they're on and off breaks
  • Indicate when vehicles are past their maintenance window and at a higher risk of going out of service

FleetsterThere are a variety of fleet management solutions on the market today that enable organizations to reduce the costs of operating and maintaining their fleets of vehicles, vans, or trucks. However, while today’s solutions have proven their value — alerting operators when vehicles require maintenance, monitoring driving behavior for improved route optimization, and more — organizations are forced into a one-size-fits-all solution, often locked into specific hardware.

Increasingly, ISVs that market and sell fleet management applications and organizations with large fleets of vehicles, are considering M2M application development platforms from which to base their solutions. By leveraging the underlying platform, ISVs can focus on the rich user experience of the applications that their customers see, without wasting time and resources rebuilding core infrastructure related to security, user management, and scalability. This approach also enables them and developers to get their solutions to market faster at a much lower cost, while providing a framework to implement features and support for any hardware type.