Product manufacturers of printers, medical devices, and packaging equipment make a significant portion of their revenues through consumables sales of toner, chemical reagents, and package materials.

With the IoT data from these connected products, these and other product manufacturers can not only monitor the usage of the consumables, but can integrate with their ERP systems to initiate supply chain transactions that will resupply device users with just-in-time delivery. This keeps their customers up and running, improves customer satisfaction, and helps them better manage their inventory. 


This IoT data flowing through a CRM system can also be sent to billing systems, helping to eliminate error-prone manual steps and providing new sales opportunities for consumables management.


The Axeda Integration Framework accelerates the integration between the Axeda Platform and enterprise systems, including ERP, CRM, billing, and data warehouses. With this integration, companies can collect consumable levels with usage data and measure consumable levels with readings.

With a consumables management solution, you can:

  • Manage consumable levels for improved inventory management
  • Increase consumable sales by tracking inventory and seeking opportunistic opportunities
  • Ensure high replenishment levels to perform accurate jobs are completed on time and with predictable results

For users of, Axeda Connected Asset Management for allows you to connect  your machines and integrating the machine data into the Sales and Service Clouds, providing your operations department with the visibility into consumable levels and allowing them to be proactive in replenishing machines proactively.