Emerging compliance and regulatory issues make it challenging for medical product manufacturers to achieve global acceptance of their connected product initiatives.

In England, for example, the National Health Service (NHS) requires compliance with Human Rights and Data Protection legislation by applying Information Governance and IT security standards to the N3 network. The N3 Network is the private NHS national network linking hospitals, medical centers, and GPs in England, and is one of the largest Virtual Private Networks in Europe.

Most hospitals and medical facilities in the UK rely on the N3 network for secure connectivity and NHS organizations increasingly insist that all communications go through N3. As a result, any medical product manufacturer selling into the UK will have their products on the N3 network and need this kind of capability to allow those products to be connected.

Axeda and Hytec, a leading provider of information solutions for local government and health authorities, provide a set of technology and services that enables medical product manufacturers to deploy their connected products at hospitals and health care organizations in England on the NHS’s N3 network ― enabling these manufacturers to focus their time and efforts on their core business.


What are the components of the N3 solution?


The Axeda and Hytec N3 Solution is based on technology and services from each company. The solution supports Axeda Agents and connected products via the NHS N3 Network using Hytec’s N3 connectivity and consulting services.

Axeda provides:

  • Axeda Enterprise or Axeda M2M Cloud Service
  • Axeda N3 Global Access Server
  • Axeda Customer Support
  • Axeda Professional Services

Hytec provides:

  • N3 consultancy during compliance process and post-compliance audits
    London-based data center hosting for the N3 solution
    Two-factor authentication infrastructure
    Administration and management of infrastructure
    N3 network connectivity into the data center


Download the datasheet for more details on how the Axeda N3 Network Solution works.