Connected product management includes a set of technologies and cloud-based services for connecting and managing intelligent products, integrating the product data with back-end systems, and building M2M and IoT applications for nearly every industry.


Axeda IoT Solutions


With connected products, you can more effectively and efficiently:

  • Manage your connected products
  • Provide remote service and analyze usage to improve performance
  • M2M-ize business processes to enhance service, billing, sales, inventory management, and product development

As the leading provider of cloud-based service and software for managing connected products and implementing innovative M2M applications, Axeda can help you get your connected product solution to market quickly at a fraction of the cost of home-grown solutions.

Discover the Axeda Difference and learn why only Axeda can provide the complete set of capabilities and cloud-based service for connecting, managing, and innovating with your connected product initiative in delivering the following solutions: