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Many of the same companies that chose to connect customers, partners, and employees also chose Axeda to connect products and machines. When’s Sales and Service Clouds intersect with the Axeda Machine Cloud, a wide array of new touch points to gain deeper insights and streamline processes are realized. Operational teams can track, monitor, and manage connected assets. Services teams can reduce support costs and increase service revenue. Marketing and sales teams gain accurate insight into consumer needs.  The list grows as more assets are connected and socialized across the enterprise.  

Download our Rapid Integration Kit and join the community of Axeda customers who use connected products to transform their customer experience. The world is moving to connected products, and these products will chatter, collaborate and extend the social enterprise.  Welcome to the Resource Center!

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The Axeda Connected Asset Management (CAM) application provides a standard integration between Axeda and and extends the Sales and Service Cloud applications with access to machine data from connected machines.

Based on triggers and alarms originating from the devices and machines connected to the Axeda® Machine Cloud™, cases can be proactively created in real time within Case, asset, and account information managed in is populated with data pulled from machines to give end users more valuable information about connected assets.

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Companies with connected products and machines are now realizing that the real value in machine-to-machine (M2M) is taking that data and integrating with enterprise systems such as — optimizing critical business processes and essentially M2M-izing their organizations. For companies who are using both and Axeda, there is a great deal of value in a robust integration between these two systems.

Axeda has developed a Connected Product Maturity Model based on best practices gleaned from hundreds of customer engagements. The level of maturity relates to the degree of integration of business processes and functions – from initial connection to differentiated services and solutions.  Use this model to determine where your company fits on the curve and begin to understand how you can advance to achieve innovation.

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 Learn more from thought leaders on the future of connected products in this Dreamforce clip featuring Marc Benioff, Chairman of SFDC and Jeff Immelt, GE CEO.