Axeda Education Services provides education solutions with a hands-on approach and real-world scenarios, giving learners the tools they need to take full advantage and achieve maximum benefit from their investment in Axeda.


Whether you are looking to brush up on or learn new skills, or become familiar with best practices, in a short period of time you will be more productive with the knowledge required to take on that next project.  Therefore we provide different courses with different delivery formats to serve the needs of our learners.

Our current course offerings include:

Note: New courses will be added and announced as they become available.


Course Fees & Registration:
Course fees are per participant, per class. Course fees include: instruction or access to online course, course materials, and computer time. Course fees do not include participant travel expenses. Course fees are subject to change without notice.


To obtain a price quote or for more information about our offerings and services please contact your Axeda Account Manager or send an email to


Course Delivery Formats

Online Instructor-Assisted – Time-limited online course offered through the Axeda Academy portal the combines all the benefits of a self-paced online course facilitated and moderated by an instructor. The content provided under this delivery format is the same as the classroom-based course. Participants have two weeks to review all the course content and complete the hands-on lab exercises. During this two-week period participants have access 24/7 to:  the self-paced learning modules, the Axeda training environment for hands-on labs, and a course question board monitored and moderated by the instructor. The instructor is available during standard business  hours Mon-Fri US EST and is also committed to provide answers to questions with 24 hours. In addition, the instructor will facilitate up to three live 60-90 minute web-based Q&A sessions.


Classroom – Standard face-to-face instructor-led delivery format in a classroom setting that combines presentations and hands-on exercises. Classes are limited to 12 participants. Class duration will depend on course content, level, can range from 1, 2, or 3 days of duration, and run from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.  CourseAxeda will provide all course training materials. Course participants are required to bring their own computers. Axeda software will be installed on the computer during the course. Computers must be Microsoft, Windows OS (XP or higher). Customer or participants are responsible for all their travel expenses.

Online Self-paced – Standard self-paced e-learning courses available on Axeda Academy


Course Categories

Public – Open to multiple participants from different companies. Courses are scheduled on a regular basis well in advance. The public course schedule is posted here on Course delivery formats include:

  • Online Instructor Supervised on Axeda Academy 
  • Classroom at Axeda HQ in Foxboro, MA
    • Requires a minimum of 3 participants registered at least one week in advanced
    • Subject to cancellation with 7 days notice  

Private – Open to participants from a single company. Courses are scheduled on demand and will depend on resource availability. Course delivery formats include:

  • Online Instructor Supervised on Axeda Academy 
    • Lead time: 2-3 business days
  • Classroom at Axeda HQ in Foxboro, MA 
    • Participants are responsible for all their travel expenses
    • Lead time: 4-6 weeks 

Onsite – Open to participants from a single company. Courses are scheduled on demand and will depend on resource availability. The instructor will travel to the customer’s site/location. The delivery format is limited to classroom only with up to 12 participants. The lead time for onsite courses is 4-6 weeks. The customer is responsible for all the instructor travel expenses and any course material shipping expenses.


Classroom Setup:
Axeda’s courses will provide hands-on experience both online and in a classroom setting. This requires that course participants bring or have access to a computer on which they will install Axeda software. Familiarity with personal computers is required. Computers must run the Microsoft Windows OS (XP or higher). Any course prerequisites must be fulfilled prior to the course start.


For onsite courses, classroom setup must include an internet connection, a projector and a white board or flip chart. The instructor will require a guest login to access the internet.


Course Materials:
Axeda will provide all course materials for classroom offerings or access to e-learning modules for online courses. All Axeda course materials are copyrighted. Video and/or audio recording, whether in classroom or online, is prohibited and no material of any Axeda course may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without prior written approval of Axeda.


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