Your connected product provides you with an opportunity to innovate and enable your customers to interact with your product like never before. With the right strategy, plan, and execution, you can leverage your connected products to create new applications, services, and relationships that:

  • Drive new revenue sources
  • Differentiate you from your competition
  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

Delivered at the customer location by Axeda experts, Axeda Innovation Workshops feature a personalized overview of potential connected product innovation use cases and a road map for delivering those enhancements using the Axeda Machine Cloud Service.

By using the Connected Product Maturity Curve as a guide during the workshop (see below), participants from across your organization will share ideas and understand how to achieve greater innovation through connected products.


IoT Maturity Model

Request an Axeda Innovation Workshop and:

  • Understand the M2M maturity lifecycle and the three major phases: Connect, Manage, and Innovate
  • Learn how Axeda customers are innovating with the Axeda Machine Cloud Service
  • Identify opportunities within all your organizations and cross-functional departments to innovate with a connected product.
  • Understand how you can transform many of the most common customer Interactions including how customers:
    • Install
    • Train
    • Use/Control
    • View Data
    • Analyze
    • Optimize
    • Schedule
    • Maintain
    • Fix
    • Track/Locate
    • Pay
    • Replenish
    • Integrate
    • Audit/Comply