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A new study from Axeda finds that when machine data feeds directly into business systems, it creates an array of new touch points for an organization to gain deeper insights and streamlines processes. Operational teams can track, monitor, and manage assets. Service teams can reduce support costs and increase service revenue. Marketing and sales teams gain accurate insight into customer needs. R&D teams can mitigate the risk of defects. Check out the Machine Cloud Infographic!

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There’s no doubt that accelerating the integration of Axeda’s connected product data with SAP’s business systems can change your business.  In order to accomplish this, Axeda has developed Innovation Workshops – in-depth executive sessions designed to promote the exchange of ideas and information.  Leverage SAP and Axeda to help drive your connected product initiative.  Schedule an Innovation Workshop today!

On-Demand Webinar

Five Bottom-Line Benefits of Integrating SAP with Your Connected Products
Tuesday, November 6 at 11 a.m. EST


Customer Success

The value of connected product data grows as it is shared across the organization. In this customer case study, Welch Allyn discusses the benefit this data brings to Sales, Engineering and Channel, and provides specific use-case scenarios within SAP systems. Learn More