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Internet of Things (IoT) data from connected assets, when combined with core SAP enterprise systems and shared across multiple business functions, provides a new level of business value.  Axeda enables connected machine data such as asset owner, location, product configuration, health status, usage, inventory levels and alerts to automatically populate in SAP systems. This spurs organization-wide innovation, streamlines processes, and creates a competitive advantage. Axeda is poised to help your organization integrate machine data with SAP business systems. Welcome to the SAP Resource Center!

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Axeda’s new survey and report reveals organization-wide plans for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) data for R&D, sales, product marketing, operations and service.  Integrating M2M data with enterprise systems is top-of-mind for the most successful companies.  

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There’s no doubt that accelerating the integration of Axeda’s connected product data with SAP’s business systems can change your business.  In order to accomplish this, Axeda has developed Innovation Workshops – in-depth executive sessions designed to promote the exchange of ideas and information.  Leverage SAP and Axeda to help drive your connected product initiative.  Schedule an Innovation Workshop today!

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