Medical Device Management: Axeda Platform Enables Ventilators for Remote Upgrades and Diagnostics


Respironics is using Axeda software to deliver software updates, feature options and offer proactive maintenance and service support of its Esprit® Critical Care ventilators. This new service, called Respi-Link™, allows Respironics’ customers to change software and options on a schedule convenient to them and also to receive remote support from Respironics’ technical staff when needed. Respironics is the first ventilator company in the world to implement this type of service.


Benefits of the Respi-Link™ service include:
• Faster call resolution resulting in reduced downtime
• Leveraged technical expertise on a global scale
• Fewer on-site repair visits
• The elimination of on-site visits to install base software or software enhancement options results in no additional installment fees
• Base software or software enhancement options can be installed at the customer’s convenience, thus not interrupting patient care
• Enhanced communication between Respironics and the bio-medical dept.
• Enhanced learning