The Axeda Integration Framework provides an extensible framework built on standards-based message queue technology that accelerates integration between the Axeda Platform and enterprise systems including ERP (e.g., Oracle and SAP), CRM (e.g.,, billing and data warehouses.  The Axeda Integration Framework includes:

M2M Integration Framework

Tightly Integrated Messaging Service

  • The Axeda® Platform ActiveMQ Integration solution makes it possible for the Axeda Platform to send & receive messages and relevant data about any event that occurs in the system.
  • The messaging service is tightly bound to Axeda objects and system events to enable a developer-friendly service to manage the flow of information and control between the Axeda Platform and external services.

IoT Development Services

In addition to the Message Queue, the Integration Framework benefits from the same M2M Development Services as the Application Services, including:

  • A rich programming interface to access the complete set of Axeda Platform data and functionality, all using an easy-to-customize script based on Groovy, which is 100% Java syntax compatible.
  • A powerful platform API with a rich set of built-in functions to access the core Axeda Platform data and asset functionality.  Provides the ability to manage assets, query historical data for assets, search for assets, manage alarms and more.
  • SOAP and REST-ful Web Services.   Provides authentication, authorization, and transportation security. Enables you to exercise both Axeda platform APIs and custom logic developed in Groovy as easy-to-consume Web Services. 
  • Extended Data Objects allow customers to define their own objects, and create specific properties for each object.  This provides a way to supplement predefined Axeda fields with customer-specific information.  It is also possible to extend some of the base Axeda platform objects with customer-specific properties.