• IoT Rules Engine - A flexible rules engine for processing incoming data, responding to events and alarms, and triggering actions on the Axeda Platform. Includes an intuitive UI to rapidly implement sophisticated rules with thresholds and expressions. You can run expression rules on the Axeda Platform or threshold rules remotely and natively on the edge device to reduce communication costs. You can also extend the rules engine using Axeda’s Scripting API to “mash up” platform capabilities with other cloud-based services. Finally, rule timers enable you to create a timer to execute rules on a schedule and a flexible scheduler lets you trigger activities based on customized schedules.
  • IoT Data Model - A proven and extensive IoT data model purpose-built for storing M2M data and managing device and asset types, M2M data items, locations, alarms, and files. Connected asset attributes include default attributes such as organization, location, contacts, groups, and conditions. Models are easily enhanced with extended database objects to accommodate customization.
  • IoT Server and Data Services - An ioT processing engine that handles device data, files, alarms, events, locations, geo-fences and all processing for the platform. It includes extensive built-in security capabilities to manage, users, roles, user groups, and device groups. A configuration console enables you to manage rules and model definitions, asset grouping, notifications, alarms, user groups, and permissions.

    M2M Data Management