When you want to create business applications for use by both you and your customers, offering the highest levels of scalability and security, use the powerful development tools and flexible APIs that the Axeda Platform provides. A complete IoT data integration and application development platform with infrastructure delivered as a cloud-based service that allows for even the most demanding requirements of custom IoT applications to be quickly built and delivered, rapidly integrating IoT data into your key enterprise applications and systems.


M2M Application Services


The Axeda Platform includes:

IoT Development Services

  • A rich programming interface to access the complete set of Axeda Platform data and functionality, all using an easy-to-customize script based on Groovy, which is 100% Java syntax compatible.
  • A powerful platform API with a rich set of built-in functions to access the core Axeda Platform data and asset functionality.  Provides the ability to manage assets, query historical data for assets, search for assets, manage alarms and more.
  • SOAP and REST-ful Web Services.   Provides authentication, authorization, and transportation security. Enables you to exercise both Axeda platform APIs and custom logic developed in Groovy as easy-to-consume Web Services. 
  • Extended Data Objects allow customers to define their own objects, and create specific properties for each object.  This provides a way to supplement predefined Axeda fields with customer-specific information.  It is also possible to extend some of the base Axeda platform objects with customer-specific properties.
  • Axeda Artisan, a system for developing Axeda Custom Objects and RIA applications, provides a modern IDE with superior Groovy language support to manage source code control and deploy it to the Axeda platform in a single command, without needing to log into the Platform Administration UI


Custom Applications and User Interfaces

  • Create business applications for your use and that of your customers. For example, you can create a new web-based data analysis tool that enables customers to compare certain data from their server to that of another customer.  Both static Web resources and Adobe Flash applications may be uploaded to the Axeda Platform, which will host it and make it available to other Platform customers.
  • Extended User Interface Modules provide another way to expose customer-specific functionality directly into the Axeda interface.  Display the output of a custom application or a Groovy script on the Axeda Asset Dashboard, providing content tailored for that specific asset.