Axeda Adaptive Machine Messaging Protocol

The Adaptive Machine Messaging Protocol (AMMP) is a simple, byte-efficient, lightweight messaging protocol used to facilitate Internet of Things (IoT) communications and to build IoT connectivity into your product.

Using a RESTful API, AMMP provides a semantic structure for IoT information exchange and leverages HTTPS as the means for sending and receiving messages between an edge device and the Axeda® Machine Cloud®.


AMMP Graphic


AMMP uses JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) allowing any device that is capable of making an HTTP transmission to interact with the Axeda Platform. Utilizing a common network transport that is friendly to local network proxies and firewalls, and at the same time using JSON for a compact, human-readable, language-independent, and easily constructed data representation, AMMP simplifies device communication and reduces the work needed for a developer to connect to the Axeda Machine Cloud.


Axeda Protocols and Toolkits Key Features:

  • Bidirectional data transfer, sending data to the Axeda Platform and information and files to an asset
  • Well-documented technical references and toolkits
  • Efficient design for optimized communication with use of bytes-over-the-wire
  • Support for threshold rules programmed from the Axeda Platform and pushed down to assets

Axeda Protocols and Toolkits Key Benefits:

  • Address wireless communication bandwidth constraints and reduce communication costs
  • Remain open without relying on specific operating systems, programming languages, or communication transports
  • Reduce processing and memory overhead with non-complex algorithms


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