Widely deployed in many organizations across various industries, Axeda Firewall-Friendly Agents provide the core services to establish and maintain secure communication between the Axeda Platform and your devices, while business rules optimize the flow of information.

Axeda Firewall-Friendly Agents collect device data, process information, and communicate with the Axeda Platform using HTTPS. Installed on or near your devices, Axeda Firewall Friendly Agents are configured using the Axeda Builder™ configuration tool and use outbound-only communication to deliver a secure connection.

Firewall Friendly Agents

There are two primary types of Axeda Firewall-Friendly Agents:

Axeda Connector /Axeda Gateway Agents

The Axeda Gateway and Axeda Connector Agents provide intelligence at the device level within the distributed architecture of the Axeda® Platform. These Axeda Agents are modular software servers that provide two-way, Firewall-Friendly monitoring, communications, and control of device data and events in real time. Each Agent provides a physical connection to a device to communicate process data between the device and the Axeda Platform.

These Agents have been developed to operate on many platforms and operating systems. They can perform a wide variety of operations including collecting data from host assets, presenting asset data to remote operators through a browser, communicating with the Axeda Platform, and executing operations on assets.

Axeda Embedded Agent

The Axeda Agent Embedded Toolkit (Axeda Embedded Agent) provides APIs for the basic functionality to connect devices with the Axeda Platform. It also provides APIs for additional operations for your Axeda connected product management applications. The Axeda Embedded Agent extends your own device applications to communicate with and be monitored by the Axeda Platform, based on Axeda’s Firewall-Friendly technology.  For example, the library includes support for sending device data to the Axeda Platform and for setting callbacks invoked on device registration.

Intentionally small to accommodate devices with footprint limitations, the Axeda Embedded Agent hides the complexity of network data transfers and provides a simple programming interface to enable custom functionality. Using this Agent, you can create embedded agents for most platforms and footprints.

Key Features:

  • Embedded, tethered, and gateway configurations meet your deployment requirements
  • Two-way, patented Firewall-Friendly™ communication ensures secure information exchange
  • Immediate warning of critical device information through alarms
  • Out-of-the-box device connectivity
  • Fast time to deploy and redeploy as new service features are added
  • Easy-to-use user interface to configure information access and rules

Key Benefits:

  • Accelerate deployment with minimum or no coding
  • Realize low cost of ownership by delivering remote service upgrades with low risk
  • Increase uptime through proactive monitoring of device information and events
  • Decrease time and service costs by running scripts and collecting complex data
  • Monitor device health to make repairs remotely
  • Define business rules that specify what information to send and when


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