The Axeda AnyDevice Service bridges the gap between customer devices in the field and the Axeda Platform. The Axeda AnyDevice Service is a simple translator that translates a protocol running on a device to a protocol that the Axeda Platform can understand and interpret. It enables customers, partners, and system integrators to easily and readily use Internet of Things (IoT) devices that communicate with a proprietary protocol and/or do not have the ability to add an Axeda Agent or use the Adaptive Machine Messaging Protocol (AMMP).

By offloading device message encoding and decoding to and from the Axeda Platform, the Axeda AnyDevice Service is especially suitable when you need to connect to deployed devices not running an Axeda Agent. This option also gives you a wider selection of devices to choose from since you can use M2M devices incapable of running an Axeda Agent or the Adaptive Machine Messaging Protocol (AMMP). For example, the Axeda AnyDevice Service can process messages sent by an existing device by means of a Codec implemented specifically for the protocol used by that device.

Axeda AnyDevice Service

Key Features:

  • Connect to virtually any IoT device with a messaging protocol
  • Manage simple to highly complex protocols
  • Hosted in the Axeda Cloud
  • Scale as your deployments grow

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce time-to-market for compatible devices
  • Quickly and easily support IoT devices already deployed in the field
  • Future-proof your IoT solution without swapping out hardware as requirements change
  • Connect to the Axeda Platform with devices that have proprietary protocols or non-programmable devices
  • Reduce opportunity cost by cataloging existing proven device and/or connectivity solutions