Manage SIMs, devices and connected assets

Does it take you hours to figure out which connected assets are associated with which wireless devices? Do you have good controls around managing your machine-to-machine (M2M) wireless bill? Wireless device and SIM management and integration with the actual asset is key to success with most M2M implementations.

The Axeda Wireless Console (AWC) provides another dimension of M2M control by enabling users to manage the wireless provisioning and billing for connected products directly from the Axeda Console. Users are able to manage asset-SIM linkages and perform activities such as managing activation, rate plans, profiles, and usage reporting. Customers are also able to view billing information directly from the Axeda Wireless Console. Bulk upload capabilities enable users to link assets with SIMs.

Customers can choose from industry-leading SIM management platforms such as Jasper Wireless, AT&T Control Center or AT&T’s Enterprise On-Demand. The Axeda/AT&T integration allows for secure communication between wireless devices and the Axeda data center.


Axeda data center


Key Features:

  • Consolidated single view to manage all SIMs and assets.
  • Advanced type-ahead searchingso customers can quickly find SIMs by IMEI, ICCID, IMSI, rate plan, or any number of relevant properties.
  • Alerting system for SIM of Asset to notify users of thresholds such as data usage limit reached, geo-fence location crossed, or temperature exceeded.
  • Ability to easily link SIMs to assets via manual or automatic process.
  • Automatic "shoulder tap" funtionality to notify devices when they should contact the platform, which decreases data usage due of repeated polling.
  • Ability to programmatically change rate plan associated with a given SIM or set of SIMs when usage changes such as large firmware update.


Key Benefits:

  • Simplified provisioning, speeding time to value and reducing costs. Assets can be automatically registered and linked with the appropriate SIM upon activation.
  • Clarity in understanding with the simplicity of one solution for managing SIMs, devices and assets.
  • Fast troubleshooting, activation and billing via a single dashboard.
  • Improved operational control and savings. Administrators can adjust rate plans to appropriate usage based on business needs.
  • Accurate provisioning to send the right software and content when a device registers; dynamically based on computer requirements.
  • Improved accountability SIM management by geographic region or asset class.


Axeda Wireless Console Resources:

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