The Axeda Platform has an architecture that is built to support large-scale deployments with large numbers of assets reporting data from sites around the world. With proven high transaction rates of more than 100 million data readings per day, the Axeda Platform provides the performance required to support a large number of concurrent users and reporting assets accessing the on-demand system.


Scalability and Infrastructure
Key elements of the on-demand, scalable Axeda Platform include:

  • Web architecture - Using the same architecture as large Web sites, central processing is divided across multiple servers. Additional capacity can be added with function-specific servers, increasing capacity where it is needed.
  • Enterprise security - availability, and scalability. Rely on our secure and scalable on-demand center infrastructure built on state-of-the-art equipment and operational expertise. Ongoing management is performed by experts in Axeda application, networking, security, hosting, data protection, and database administration.
  • High-performance Axeda Agents - A single Axeda Agent can be configured to monitor hundreds of wired assets at a customer site, or monitor a single product with negligible resource use.
  • High-speed data storage - With agents and edge devices around the globe reporting data 24x7, the volume of information is huge. The Axeda Platform is optimized to handle a high volume of transactions while keeping response time fast.
  • Global access network - For organizations with worldwide deployments, Axeda Platform is configured to handle global deployments with Axeda Global Access Servers located around the world to optimize performance.
  • Optimized communication - For wired assets, communication between Axeda Agents and Axeda Platform is optimized to reduce the amount and frequency of data sent. Wireless assets use the Adaptive Machine Messaging Protocol (AMMP) to compress data into a binary format, reducing transmission costs. In addition, edge devices can have multiple communication methods, and the Axeda Platform selects the best method based on costs.


Axeda has deployed its offering in two tier-1 data centers. These are located in Boston, MA in the U.S. and in Frankfurt, Germany. Both data centers are SAS 70 Type II certified with industry-standard infrastructure and controls included below.

  • Access Control and Physical Security
    • 7x24 on-site manned security, including foot patrols and perimeter inspections
    • Biometric access controls
    • Security cameras
    • Concrete-walled data center rooms
    • Video surveillance throughout facility and perimeter
    • Computing equipment in access-controlled steel cages
    • Building engineered for local seismic, storm, and flood risks
    • Tracking of asset removal
  • Network
    • Redundant internal networks
    • Concrete vaults for fiber entry
    • Network neutral; connects to all major carriers and located near major Internet hubs
    • High-bandwidth capacity
  • Redundant Power
    • Uninterruptible power
    • Underground utility power feed
    • Redundant (N+1) CPS/UPS systems
    • Redundant power distribution units (PDUs)
    • Redundant (N+1) diesel generators with on-site diesel fuel storage (minimum of 48 hours of fuel onsite)
    • Minimum N+1 filtered power supply
  • Environmental Controls
    • Temperature and humidity control
    • Redundant (N+1) cooling system
    • VESDA (very early smoke detection apparatus) fire detection
    • Fire suppression systems
    • Dual-alarmed, dual-interlock, multi-zone, pre-action dry pipe water-based fire suppression