How often does your field service team travel to a customer’s site to repair a problem that could have been addressed remotely? Do they arrive with the information necessary to address the problem on the first visit? Without a Remote Service solution, chances are this happens far more often than it should and the costs are high.

Axeda Connected Service, an Axeda Connected Machine Management application, provides field service and technical support personnel with a Web-based graphical interface and a comprehensive set of tools to remotely identify, diagnose, and repair problems with devices connected to the Axeda Platform.

Axeda Connected Service continuously monitors key parameters in your products to detect problems before they cause downtime. Examples include disk space nearing full capacity, or a part such as a laser consuming more power than normal, indicating it needs to be replaced. Instead of waiting for customers to call when there's a problem, technicians are automatically notified when potential problems arise. 

Axeda Console


  • Display animated, graphical visualizations that show all relevant product data at a glance
  • View charts of current and historic data to see trends that highlight trouble areas
  • Generate detailed snapshots of diagnostic product information without requiring customer involvement in the data collection process
  • Repair devices by executing scripts and modifying data values on remote products


  • Reduce time for support calls by as much as 90%
  • Improve mean time to repair (MTTR) to increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce “No Problem Found” visits by 20% or more
  • Minimize field service visits per year, saving thousands of dollars in travel costs


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