In extremely secure environments, such as financial institutions, customers often insist that you, as their device manufacturer, enable them to control and set policies on what service actions can be remotely performed on the device. Axeda Policy Server enables authorized customer administrators to establish and enforce the privacy policy for their devices.

A server-based software application residing on your customer’s network, Axeda Policy Server provides a comprehensive and granular set of permission settings that continuously governs Axeda Agent behavior for all devices at your customer location. This includes which kinds of data and files can be sent from the device as well as which activities can be conducted on the device by you.

This control applies to every kind of Axeda activity, including handling remote diagnostics, sending software upgrades, retrieving files, running Axeda Access sessions, and executing commands and scripts. As a result, your customers can explicitly authorize all remote service activity on a device as well which sensitive data can leave the device. This type of control enables you to accelerate adoption of your connected product initiative.


Axeda Policy Server Dashboard


  • Customer-facing application, protected behind your customer’s firewall, inaccessible to the device manufacturer
  • Single Policy Server manages policies for multiple types of devices in multiple locations
  • Hierarchical policies apply to all devices, groups of devices, or individual devices
  • Remote Axeda Access sessions enabled for a specific period of time
  • Local audit log of device activity helps meet Sarbanes-Oxley requirements


  • Enable your customers to establish and enforce device security and data privacy policies
  • Accelerate acceptance of your connected product solution
  • Allow your customers to control their policies as-needed
  • Give your customers more control over device security than if you were onsite
  • Grant or refuse requests individually or automate requests
  • Enable your customers to track device activity locally


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