Axeda Summer Release



This release includes many new key features that improve rules management, enhance security, reduce network traffic, and improve developer productivity, including:

  • Expression Rules Debugger - This new feature enables rule authors to debug and test new and existing Expression Rules before deploying them into production. To debug Expression Rules, authors write tests that execute the Expression Rule, showing the values of the variables that are used during the rule execution. The debugger also flags logic errors, such as recursive rules as well as syntax errors related to calling non-existent Axeda Custom Objects, for example.
  • Support for Executing Actions from Expression Rules - This enhancement introduces the “ExecuteAction” action to Expression Rules, allowing rule authors to execute actions defined through the Action wizard of the Axeda Configuration application. With this enhancement, existing actions can be executed from the Expression Rules, such as executing a notification action from an Expression Rule that triggers when an asset raises an alarm.
  • Flexible Asset Auto Registration - Users setting up models in the Axeda Configuration application can now turn on or off the ability to auto register assets associated with a specific model. By introducing model-level control of auto registrations, users have greater flexibility in allowing auto registrations on one model and disallowing them for others.
  • SDK Enhancements - The Axeda SDK has been improved with several enhancements for file upload sessions, contacts, and property management. See our Release Notes on the Axeda Customer Portal for more details on these enhancements.
  • Support for Port Ranges - Axeda now supports assets that have remote application software that loads using a large range of ports.  With this support, assets can now use multiple ports, giving them more flexibility and saving service technician set-up time.  The Axeda Platform, as well as Axeda Builder, Axeda Agent Gateway, Axeda Agent Connector, and the Axeda Application Bridge all support this feature.
  • Remote Access Session Enhancements - It’s now possible for technicians to run multiple remote sessions without port mapping conflicts. Each session runs on a different local IP address (called a loopback) such as,, etc. Because each session uses a unique IP, the ports don't need to be remapped, which makes it much easier to run many existing programs or tools that have predefined port usage, or that use multiple ports or port ranges.
  • ASMP Support for Wireless Asset Communication - Axeda Secure Messaging Protocol (ASMP) provides a mechanism for safeguarding message exchange between wireless assets and the Axeda Platform for enhanced Axeda Wireless Protocol (AWP) security.
  • Shoulder Tap Messaging - To keep network traffic and wireless communication costs down, Axeda has introduced Shoulder Tap Messaging for wireless assets. Users can now configure an asset to receive a shoulder tap from the Axeda Platform when a new message is available. This new feature in the Axeda Wireless Protocol (AWP) Toolkit and the Axeda Platform allows wireless assets to avoid unnecessary polling.

For more details on this release, please see our release notes in the Axeda Support Portal. We also encourage you to continue submitting and voting on feature requests via the Ideas tab on our portal, so that our quarterly updates meet your expectations and you get maximum value from the Axeda Platform.

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