Axeda Fall Release

The Axeda Platform Fall ’11 Release includes many new features and enhancements to improve the user experience, increase developer productivity, and accelerate performance. For more information, review the feature descriptions below or access the release notes on the Axeda Support Portal.

This release includes many new key features and enhancements, including:

  • Audit SDK Enhancements - The Audit SDK now enables developers to retrieve selected audit records and ranges of records from the Audit log. These SDK enhancements enable you to limit the search date range, specify a range of entries to search or return, sort entries in ascending or descending order, and more. For example, with this enhancement, you can now selectively retrieve audit log items to produce reports that show system activity or remote access sessions for each device over time (for display in a Pareto chart of the number of accesses by device). You can also determine how many records exist and return only a selected number.
  • Secure File Transfers - This enhancement introduces the Java Secure Channel (JSch) library to the Axeda Platform, enabling you to use various secure communications such as Secure FTP (SFTP) or Secure Copy (SCP) to securely transfer files when authoring Axeda Custom Objects on the Axeda Platform.
  • Retrieve Binary Data (Images) Using Custom Objects - This enhancement enables developers to return binary data, such as image files, from Custom Objects invoked via a REST style call to the Scripto Web service. For example, a Custom Object invoked via Scripto can return the binary stream of an image file that is stored for an asset. Such Custom Objects can be the source of images on Web pages. Previous to this release, Custom Objects invoked via the Scripto Web service were limited to String (text) data as output.
  • Improved Caching - Updates to the Axeda Platform's caching layer improves speed and reliability when you access the last (current) data item value for each asset.
  • User Group Filtering and Sorting - Usability enhancements include support for filtering and sorting by user group name in the following Action Wizard pages: user groups that handle edit permissions for action and user groups that handle execute permissions for action.
  • SMS Shoulder Taps - A new Custom Object transport enables you to call a Groovy script to initiate an SMS shoulder tap message to a device. An SMS shoulder tap is a method of proactively notifying the device when a message is pending, avoiding blind polling. With this new feature, you can minimize the costs associated with potentially expensive polls from your wireless devices.
  • Fault Tolerance and Configurable File Path Support - Axeda Agents now offer two aspects of fault tolerance for configuration files. First, a safer method for writing configuration files minimizes the chance of corruption. Second, it maintains backup copies of files in the event of a corruption. Additionally, clients can now configure locations/paths for one or more files for their devices that have read-only file systems.
  • Data Accumulator - With the use of a Custom Object and a rule action, clients can now collect alarm names, description, and data item values (string, text, XML), and append them into a storage scheme. This aggregated data, as a whole, can then be accessed and FTP'd to an off-site server, reducing the number of trips and enhancing data integrity.

We also encourage you to continue submitting and voting on feature requests via the Ideas tab on our portal, so that our quarterly updates meet your expectations and you get maximum value from the Axeda Platform.

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