Axeda Spring 12 Release

This release includes key features that focus on developer productivity and added operating system support for agents, including:


Extended Lists and Maps
You now have additional options to store arbitrary collections of data, including enumerated lists of strings in the Extended Lists object that are frequently called from an application. With Extended Lists there is no need to hard code lists of common enumerations such as drop down values that might appear in your application. Also, with the new Extended Maps object, you can map key set/value pairs. For example, when an application has an asset with multiple tanks of consumable materials, such as oxygen, water, and insulin, you can now create an extended map to represent this information. As a result, you now have more dynamic data in the application that does not have to be hard coded or even known before runtime.


Scripto Enhancements
Scripto is a valuable feature that enables you to quickly write Web Services supported by an in-platform script. Now, Scripto accepts binary file uploads and passes through more HTTP information, such as query parameters, directly to its scripts. With the binary files, you can pass files via a custom application to the Axeda Platform for later distribution to agents. Additional capabilities include the ability for the script to receive all query string information and form parameters even if they are undeclared. You can also more quickly create scripts without managing XML files of required parameters. In addition, Scripto allows for greater manipulation of POST requests, so that you can manage the body of POST requests, attach files to requests, and gain access to a list of headers with non-confidential information. Programs that interact with the Axeda Platform can specify the format of the file output so that they can more easily consume the output from the Axeda Platform. Lastly, you can now create CSV files or other file types from Scripto simply by setting the newly available content-disposition header.


New Third-Party Library Support
Axeda now supports two important third-party libraries: Apache Commons Math Library (the largest open source math library for Java) and Scribe OAuth Package (a mature OAuth library that works with a number of third-party cloud services today, such as Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter). With support for the Apache Commons Math Library, you can perform all types of statistical functions on Axeda data and provide useful measurements and output, such as determining if a temperature reading is a standard deviation away from the norm. With support for the OAuth Package, you can programmatically authenticate from Axeda to any number of providers that support OAuth.


SDK Email Support
With support for the existing Notification emailer SMTP server, Axeda SDK users can now programmatically send emails without complex configurations in a much more straightforward way.

New Supported Operating Systems for Connector and Gateway Agents
Axeda Connector and Gateway Agents are now certified for use on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and Microsoft Windows Server 2008 operating systems in both 32-bit and 64-bit modes. This expands the list of supported operating systems on which you can install Axeda agents on, providing greater flexibility to install agents on more current operating systems.

On-Demand Center Web Server Security Upgrade
To address identified security vulnerabilities in Apache HTTP Web Server, Axeda is proactively upgrading all Apache Web servers in our On-Demand Centers as part of Spring ’12 release cycle. Axeda On-Demand Plus customers will have the Apache Web layer upgraded even if the Axeda Platform version is not being upgraded with the Spring ’12 release at this time.


Additional Details and Resources
For more details on this release, please see the complete documentation set as well as our release notes in the Axeda Customer Support Portal. You can also continue submitting and voting on feature requests via the Ideas tab on this portal.

Visit our Resources to Build Connected Products for white papers, archived webinars, case studies and more.