The time is now for companies to get serious about IoT (Internet of Things). The benefits of IoT solutions are compelling and proven and the economics of delivering IoT solutions have never been better. Companies must integrate IoT data into existing mission-critical applications and processes and, more significantly, leverage their connected products and assets to create new innovative applications that transform their businesses. But IoT solutions can be time consuming, costly, challenging and risky to build and implement without the appropriate technology and partner.

The Axeda IoT Cloud Service, what we refer to as the “Machine Cloud", provides the most advanced cloud-based software for managing connected products and assets and implementing innovative IoT applications. The service provides you with a secure and scalable IoT data integration and application development platform, connectivity over wired or wireless networks, and out-of-the-box device and asset management applications to reduce the cost and complexity of implementing IoT  solutions.

Axeda Machine Cloud

The Axeda IoT Cloud Service includes:

  • Axeda Connect - IoT Connectivity Middleware.  Cloud-based communication software that enables you to easily and intelligently connect machines and devices to the cloud and then process, transform, organize and store machine and sensor data.
  • Axeda Build - IoT Application Enablement Platform.  Cloud-based tools that simplify development and enables you to rapidly and economically implement IoT applications.  Capabilities include data management, a scripting engine, an integration framework, SDKs and web services for accessing data and application services in the Axeda Machine Cloud.
  • Axeda Manage - Connected Machine Management Applications.   Cloud-based web applications that enable you to remotely monitor, manage, service, and control wired and wireless connected products and assets.  Capabilities include remote access, security management, software distribution and configuration management.


To see the 300+ attributes - in 21 categories - of the Axeda Machine Cloud, click on the image below:


Axeda Machine Cloud Stack

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