Ventana Medical Systems Improves Instrument Recovery Time by 37% while Reducing System Downtime with Axeda.

To reduce customer downtime from 48 hours to fewer than 24 hours using remote service technology for a new diagnostic instrument

Use Axeda® ServiceLink™—branded as CareGiver™—to enable Ventana to implement a service and support business model that ensures fewer than 24-hour downtime for SYMPHONY® instruments with 24/7 real-time instrument monitoring and over-the-shoulder customer support

• Improved service response time and reduced downtime to fewer than 24 hours in most cases
• Improved instrument recovery time by more than 37%
• Received a Gold 2007 Medical Design Excellence Award (MDEA) in the category of in vitro diagnostics
• Reduced field service visits and achieved increased instrument performance
• Rapidly deploy new software revisions while minimizing disruptions to customer workflow
• Gained added potential to track inventory in real time and automatically replenish reagents