According to Harbor Research, there are billions of wired and wireless intelligent assets around the globe that can be connected and managed to extract business value. These intelligent assets will create a surge of smart business processes that will transform the world in which we live and work.

To take advantage of this enormous M2M business opportunity, product manufacturers from nearly every industry are turning to Axeda to bring a proliferation of innovative M2M solutions to market – from roadside signs to life-saving medical equipment to ATMs to point-of-sale terminals and more.  The world’s leading companies rely on the Axeda M2M Cloud Service to connect their products, manage the data through the cloud with complete security and scalability, and innovate by integrating with back-end systems and building M2M applications based on the value of the connected product data.

Learn how Axeda enables these and other industries to get to market fast with their M2M solutions based on connected products: