The Internet of Things is all about bringing new innovative and differentiated “connected” solutions to the market rapidly.

Traditionally this has involved many separate time-consuming decisions - communication technology, device hardware, Idea to Prototypearchitecture, protocols, message formats, servers, database, web development tools, and business models.

The Axeda Go Program brings all of this together in a way that allows you to make all the decisions quickly and get to prototype and complete Proof of Concept (POC) in hours and days, not weeks. Axeda Go kits provide the software, cloud service, instructions and tutorials to jumpstart your IoT initiative.

Once you have the POC implemented on the Axeda Machine Cloud, you can focus on the important stuff like sales, marketing, and your business while letting Axeda take care of scalability, reliability, security, and operations.   You’ll scale your business seamlessly in the cloud while Axeda and its partners provide you the solution you need to create a world class Internet of Things business.


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