Adaptive Machine Messaging Protocol (AMMP)

Initial release of the Adaptive Machine Messaging Protocol (AMMP). AMMP is a simple, byte-efficient, lightweight messaging protocol to facilitate Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications and to build “Internet of Things” (IoT) connectivity into products.

AMMP uses JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) over HTTP(S) for bi-directional communications with the Axeda Machine Cloud Platform, allowing any HTTP capable device to interact with the platform in a way that is friendly to local network proxies and firewalls. Using JSON provides a compact, human-readable, language independent and easily constructed data representation that reduces the work needed for a developer to start sending data to the Platform

Axeda Ready Device Program

Axeda continues to expand the support of easy to connect “Axeda Ready”’ devices with a new device from Huawei:

Device Product Type Application/Vertical
DA3100 Asset Tracking Asset Tracking / Transporation


In addition, the following devices from Inventek have completed Axeda Ready certification:

Device Product Type Application/Vertical
ISM43362-M3G-L44 Wi-Fi Module Any Wi-Fi connected M2M device or
ISM 43362-M3G-EVB-L44 Wi-Fi
Evaluation Board
Wi-Fi Eval Kit Evaluation & Development Board for
Inventek Wi-Fi Module


This brings our total supported devices to 40 from 23 manufacturers. All Axeda Ready Devices & Partners are described on our web site:

For more details on this release, please see the complete documentation set as well as our release notes in the Axeda Customer Support Portal.