Axeda Ready Device Program
Axeda continues to expand the support of easy to connect ‘Axeda Ready’ devices with 3 new devices from ATrack:



Product Type

AK1 Series

Asset Tracking/Telematics


Asset Tracking/Telematics


Car Tracking/Ins - OBDII


In addition, the NXP LPC1768  Prototyping Board Kit from ARM mbed is now Axeda Ready.  Visit the Axeda Developer Connection site to learn how to connect an mbed board to the Axeda Platform and transmit machine data in 6 steps.

This brings our total supported devices to 37 from 21 manufacturers. All Axeda Ready Devices & Partners are described on our web site:


For more details on this release, please see the complete documentation set as well as our release notes in the Axeda Customer Support Portal.