When you need to streamline your content distribution based on operational controls, or to get the benefits of speeding time to market by using comprehensive business modeling, you need Axeda Connected Configuration.

Axeda Connected Configuration enables you to flexibly store, manage, and use asset configurations, in a way that’s useful to you, to improve software management and other business processes that rely on accurate asset configuration data, allowing you to take timely and appropriate action based on that data.

Axeda Connected Configuration
Using the configuration management database, any asset configuration information (version, country, language, part number, entitlement, etc.) can be stored in the Axeda Platform configuration management database for direct access.


Axeda Configuration Management Database
A rich set of APIs can be used to store, manage and query this data, and you can use extensions to build business logic based on an Expression Rules Engine, and can be integration with software management to determine, for example, which assets receive certain software updates and content, allowing you to maintain compliance with industry and company specific regulations or to perform efficient recall and entitlement management or your products.


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