Even with detailed error messages and customers willing to describe system issues, there are times when your service experts need direct access to the equipment to diagnose problems. Performing desktop sharing and running diagnostic tools without visiting a customer site improves productivity and saves time and travel costs. But how can you securely access these systems without establishing complex Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections?

With Axeda Connected Access, an Axeda Connected Machine Management application, your experts can remotely and securely access products to troubleshoot problems, monitor and assist with user operations, perform training, and much more—all while working from their own desktops.

To ensure operator safety, the patented Axeda® Safe Access feature allows access to be blocked based on the state of the system being controlled. For example, when accessing a medical treatment system, this critical feature will only allow remote access when the system is off and patients are not receiving treatment. 

Axeda Access


  • Remote desktop access and safe control of remote systems
  • Directly connect to Linux/UNIX and embedded systems via telnet and telnet SSH
  • Remotely operate existing diagnostic applications as if on site
  • Securely connect to remote site without costly VPNs
  • Centralized administration and security control
  • Detailed auditing for traceability and regulation compliance
  • Secure remote connections with or without local operator involvement


  • Get started quickly with existing diagnostic tools
  • Reduce time for support calls by as much as 90%
  • Save thousands of dollars in travel costs per customer with fewer field service visits
  • Improved customer satisfaction with remote training


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