Axeda 6.6

Axeda 6.6 Key Features and Benefits

  • Optimized User Experience - A modern, flexible and extensible User Interface (UI) that delivers a customizable, extendable UI that allows the user to create a personalized user experience, optimized to their unique operational workflow, while ensuring a consistent look and. The UI is both desktop and tablet-friendly, and can be branded in the customers’ own look and feel. the new UI framework is both desktop and tablet friendly, and can be branded in the customers own lookand feel with cascading style sheets (CSS).

    When integrating the Axeda Platform with other systems, a new user-type of “API Only” can be used, to allow for system-to-system integrations.
  • Fast searching and tracking of assets - The asset quick search allows customers to easily find assets from anywhere in the Axeda Console using a single, consistent interface; assets can be searched by name or model number using wild-cards.

    A new asset tracker module provides location-based visual mapping of assets along with color-coded status indicators to show/filter which assets are online, missing, muted or unregistered. Seven additional filters can also be enabled such as Region, Asset group or serial number.

    Assets can also be added to a “My Asset” list so any assets of interest can be easily monitored and managed for status or alarms.
  • Enhanced Reporting Capabilities - Users are now able to receive self-contained interactive reports by email, and can now build sophisticated interactive workspaces using not only content internal to the platform, but external data sources as well.

    With dynamic queries enabled, reports, queries and cube building are shortened, providing a performance improvement of up to 30 to 40 percent, and other enhancements including optimized query generation, life cycle management and performance enhancements help minimize potential bottlenecks as more users are added to the environment.
  • Expression Rules Editor Enhancements - Axeda Platform 6.6 provides rapid Expression Rule retrieval by utilizing the latest APIs, resulting in huge performance gains over prior versions when dealing with large numbers Expression Rules. The enhanced Rules Debugger user interface includes the ability to quickly search for and find data-items, and the Expression Rules are now sorted in alphabetical order making it easy to find the rule you’re looking for.

    Using REST services, customers can now create their own email list of up to 50 individuals to be notified when rules are terminated/disabled. Notification will include helpful information such as rule name, reason for termination, date and time of termination, making it easier to identify and resolve issues

    Expression Rules can now be triggered by changes in a device condition, allowing for an alarm to be enabled, and a custom object to be launched based on the condition name.
  • New APIs, capabilities, and developer features to streamline M2M application development - A New API pattern for the Axeda Data Model, with support for ~28 objects, allows for more flexibility, consistency, and robustness in building applications, and provides fine grain controls for Custom Objects delivering more Cloud-side scripting capabilities.

  • Axeda Artisan provides project structure to create, manage, and publish M2M application code - Axeda Artisan allows developers to efficiently develop M2M projects, and provides easier unit testing and higher quality code by covering a wide set of objects (Models, Rules, Custom Objects, Custom Apps, etc.).

    A Commercial software development tool, complete with autocomplete and the latest documentation, Artisan will integrate with the java IDE and source code control software of your choice. Artisan will create a versioned installer JAR file that can be used to Install, upgrade, update & uninstall projects, and all project source code can be uploaded to the cloud with single command
  • Next Generation Developer Documentation Experience - The Mentor documentation experience provides improved developer documentation for creating M2M applications. Mentor provides excellent search and navigation features for an optimized customer experience, and includes a “Getting Started” chapter, along with learn-by-example information, “How-to” tutorial topics and full API specifications. (Beta availability.)