6.5 Release 

This release includes many new key features and enhancements, such as:

Axeda AnyDevice Service
Connect to any asset or device without using an Axeda Agent

The Axeda AnyDevice Service enables you to connect your devices in the field to the Axeda M2M Cloud Service without building and deploying an Axeda Agent on the asset or device. The service uses the Axeda AnyDevice Codec Server running a “codec”, a simple translator that converts a device’s protocol to an Axeda protocol. This service expands your M2M options by enabling you to easily connect to more devices ― even those that may not be able to run an Agent or use Axeda’s own protocols directly.

Axeda ConnectedConfiguration
Manage asset configurations and enhance business processes using configuration data

A new connected product management application, Axeda ConnectedConfiguration enables you to flexibly store, manage, and use asset configurations to improve software management and other business processes that rely on accurate asset configuration data. Using the new configuration management database, any asset configuration information (version, country, language, part number, entitlement, etc.) can be stored in the Axeda Platform configuration management database for direct access. You can use this configuration information in Expression Rules, custom scripts, and applications. For example, use it to determine which assets receive certain software updates and content.

Axeda Software Management Enhancements
Manage remote software and content more easily

Axeda Software Management has been updated substantially in Axeda 6.5 to provide new functionality, integration with the new ConnectedConfiguration application, and improved performance, reliability, scalability, and consistency. As a result, you can distribute software and content to your remote assets intelligently, securely, efficiently, and quickly over any type of connection.

Axeda File Manager
Upload files to the Axeda Platform more easily

The new Axeda File Manager expands current file upload capabilities by enabling you to upload and distribute content in Axeda Software Management in a more manageable and straightforward manner. With the File Manager, you can programmatically upload files to the Axeda Platform from external systems, manage the files in Axeda, and deliver them to your connected assets.

Improved Asset Searching and Associations
Manage asset-to-device associations more easily

Improved search capabilities enable you to locate unregistered assets that have never communicated with the Axeda Platform for managing your full universe of wired and wireless assets. In addition, a new Asset Associations module lets you track assets, models, and data items associated with a particular asset. This is particularly helpful when managing wireless assets, such as a vending machine and its edge device that you would like to associate together, so that you can manage related information.

Core System Enhancements and Added Platform Support
Leverage improved infrastructure

The core elements and underlying systems of the Axeda Platform have been improved for greater usability and performance. An updated password reset approach improves the security of forgotten password recovery. Additionally, the Axeda Platform now supports recent browser versions and enhanced Oracle database options for improved database performance and scalability.

Improved Custom Application Development, Usability, and Security
Extend the Axeda Platform and Axeda Console (new name for the Axeda UI) with custom applications

Seamlessly integrate your custom applications into the Axeda Console as a new customer-defined tab (up to five new tabs allowed). This allows you to manage the core Axeda functionality as well as a “mashup” of other information and business-specific applications in the Axeda Console ― without switching to other applications for related M2M capabilities. Security and session context is maintained across Axeda and custom applications.

Next-Generation APIs, Web Services, and More
Improve developer productivity

To improve data access and developer productivity, Axeda has implemented the next generation of Axeda APIs and RESTful Web Services for several areas, including software and configuration management. Built with a new “v2” architecture, these interfaces give developers a simpler and more powerful way to execute the full range of Axeda functionality. Additional developer features include asynchronous code execution, the ability to import external Web Services and resources (e.g. WSDLs), and APIs for a new secure credential lockbox.

Additional Details and Resources

For more details on this release, please see the complete documentation set as well as our release notes in the Axeda Customer Support Portal. Additional communications and helpful materials will be published to http://www.axeda.com and the support portal to help you understand how to get the most out of Axeda 6.5.