Edge & Embedded Devices

Wireless connectivity requires radio technology, either cellular or satellite, to send and receive data from assets. Connectivity partners provide a wide range of hardware from simply reporting location when an asset moves to more sophisticated solutions that can collect data from multiple I/O sources, execute threshold rules, and communicate through multiple networks.

Mobile Network Operators

For cellular and satellite communication, networks are required to securely transport the data from edge devices to Axeda Platform. Since Axeda Platform is communications neutral, multiple wireless communication partners are available to provide this transport mechanism.

System Integrators

The complete solution requires a holistic view of your business including integration into business systems, optimization of business processes and custom applications as required.

Business Systems / Solution Providers

The information collected by Axeda Platform is valuable to many business systems in the enterprise including ERP, CRM, EAM, and others. Our enterprise applications partners supply the software, and together we ensure seamless integration to Axeda Platform.