Pointer Telocation Ltd, (NASDAQ:PNTR) is an industry leading global enterprise providing end-to-end Telematics products and services to insurance companies, car manufacturers, car and asset owners and fleet operators. Under Cellocator™ brand, Pointer’s products and technology division, Pointer provides wireless M2M devices and applications for fleet management, mobile assets management, vehicle and driver safety, car sharing and vehicle security. Cellocator’s reliable, feature-rich and highly customizable M2M products are designed to meet the unique business and operational requirements of its TSP clients and OEM partners.


The following devices from Pointer have been certified in the Axeda Ready Program:


Device: CelloTrack

Product Type: Heavy Duty Asset Tracker

Application: Asset Tracking / Industrial Monitoring / Insurance / Retail Tracking & Monitoring

CelloTrack Power

Device: CelloTrack Power

Product Type:Heavy Duty Asset Tracker

Application:  Asset Tracking / Industrial Monitoring / Insurance / Retail Tracking & Monitoring



Contact Information:
Pointer Telocation Ltd.
14 Hamelacha Street
Rosh Ha’ayim 48091 ISRAEL