Nimble Wireless helps customers wirelessly connect, control and manage their remote assets. Nimble Wireless does this by providing state of the art M2M and connected wireless products and services encompassing Cellular, GPS, WiFi, RFID and Zigbee technologies. We offer innovative customized M2M products geared towards multiple verticals such as Transportation & Logistics, Telecom Infrastructure, Green Energy and Healthcare industries.



The following devices from Nimble Wireless have been certified in the Axeda Ready Program:


Nimble Wireless Y-20CP

Device: Y-20CP

Product Type: Asset Tracking

Application: Asset Tracking / Transportation / Industrial Monitoring / Insurance / Utilities Monitoring

Nimble Wireless Y-20C-F0

Device: Y-20C-F0

Product Type: Trailer Tracking

Application: Asset Tracking / Insurance

Nimble Wireless Y-20C-F1/F2

Device: Y-20C-F1/F2

Product Type: Fleet Tracking

Application: Asset Tracking / Insurance


Contact Information:
Nimble Wireless, Inc.
1220 Corte Zafiro
San Marcos, CA 92069