LipoScience is a highly innovative, diagnostic company focused on changing the way heart disease, diabetes* and other metabolic diseases are assessed and managed.

They develop proprietary tests based on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), an information-rich technology that produces a digital representation of the molecules present in a simple blood sample.

Over 6 million NMR LipoProfile® tests have been ordered by physicians. This test directly measures lipoprotein particles and provides physicians and their patients more information to manage their risk for heart disease and diabetes.

The company is preparing to decentralize its proprietary platform with a broad array of high value NMR based assays, in support of driving toward new clinical standards of care.

LipoScience has broad opportunities for growth in thier diagnostic, research, and laboratory businesses. They are actively pursuing these opportunities with the support of our employees, our customers, and our industry partners.

* The LP-IR test is only available through the LipoScience laboratory.