Hitachi High -Technologies - Kasado Works is a major Japanese semiconductor tool manufacturer headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

The company is using Axeda software to demonstrate e-Diagnostics features and functions of their Hitachi Series Plasma Etch System, including the M700 and U700 series for 300mm wafer application, deployed at facilities around the world through comprehensive remote monitoring, diagnostics, and management.


  • Provide level 0 thru 2 SEMATECH eDiagnostics compliance for Hitachi
  • Establish first company in Japan to demonstrate eDiagnostics compliance

Latest News

"Fabs today face increasing pressures for operational efficiency and cost management. Given that our systems play a critical role in fab operations, we want to become increasingly proactive in managing the health and performance of our tools. Our partnership with Axeda lets us rapidly enable our products for remote service and management so we can maximize equipment uptime and customer satisfaction. Axeda represents a new key initiative in our ongoing commitment to meet or exceed the quality commitment we have with our worldwide customer base and to comply with SEMATECH standard levels 0 through 2."

- Hideyuki Yamamoto, Senior Engineer, Hitachi High -Technologies - Kasado Works