Gerber Scientific (NYSE: GRB) is the leader in providing innovative, end-to-end customer solutions to the world’s sign making and specialty graphics, ophthalmic lens processing, apparel and flexible materials, and print and packaging industries. With a large-scale remote service implementation planned across all product lines, Gerber Technology aims to reduce truck rolls by resolving issues remotely, ensure first-time fixes when an on-site visit is required and regionalize and reduce overall inventory levels – while still ensuring next-day part delivery.

Gerber Technology uses Axeda on-demand remote service software to take control of three primary pieces of the aftermarket service puzzle: increasing customer satisfaction through proactive support, optimizing spare parts inventory across global distribution centers, and preparing the succession of a highly skilled workforce approaching retirement age.


  • Reduced field service visits in Australia, China, Europe, and the U.S.
  • Improved first-time fix rate by 5%
  • Resolved issues to avoid downtime, often before customer is even aware
  • Regionalized and reduced overall inventory levels
  • Ensured next-day part delivery
  • Addressed the aging workforce issue by increasing the product knowledgebase within technical support

Latest News

“Our field service team supports a very large and globally dispersed customer base. The Axeda solution allows us to extend the reach and expertise of our technicians to manufacturing facilities in over120 countries, providing faster and more accurate resolution to product issues.  It also enables us to retain the knowledge of our most capable workers as they start to retire.”

- Mark Hessinger, executive director of worldwide customer service, Gerber Scientific