Diebold, Incorporated (NYSE:DBD), a global leader in providing integrated self-service delivery and security systems and services, is using Axeda software to enable its OpteView™ remote service initiative. OpteView was developed to help financial institutions achieve the highest-possible uptime across their ATM networks. 

OpteView™ enables Diebold's Customer & Technology Support Center to remotely connect to customers' ATMs and retrieve diagnostic information.


  • Approximately 17 percent of total issues resolved remotely
  • Overall downtime for the OpteView product line reduced by 15 percent
  • Turnaround time for problem resolution reduced from an average of one to three hours to fewer than 30 minutes when remote corrective action is successful
  • Virtual “over-the-shoulder” support provided for additional issues
  • First organization to earn Worldwide Business Research’s Field Service Award for best service and support strategy

Latest News

"Diebold made a tremendous investment in the Opteva product line and Agilis software platform with a vision to offer our customers an unrivaled ATM experience.  When coupled with Opteva and Agilis, OpteView provides support for our customers with real-time insight into their networks. OpteView is integral to Diebold's long-term vision for supporting self-service products, and it positions the service industry for a shift to a pre-emptive service model."

-Chuck Ducey, Vice President of Global Development & Service, Diebold

"With OpteView, I can achieve world-class ATM availability by making the most out of a close relationship with a trusted vendor—Diebold."

-Chad Lynch, Services Manager, America First Credit Union