3PAR (NYSE Arca: PAR) is the leading global provider of utility storage, a category of next-generation storage arrays built for utility computing. Organizations use utility computing to build cost-effective virtualized IT infrastructures for flexible workload consolidation. Next-generation storage is a category of arrays developed to address the limitations of traditional storage arrays and meet the needs of virtualized infrastructures.

3PAR is using Axeda software as a key component of its service automation platform. Axeda ServiceLink enables 3PAR to remotely monitor its mission-critical storage arrays and deliver software patches and updates. Customer network policy management is a particularly important addition to 3PAR's service automation platform and offers greater customer satisfaction and simplified deployments.


  • Robust network security and authentication model
  • Highly flexible customer network policy management
  • Sound technology platform for on-going enhancements
  • Improve customer service at lower costs

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