Developing Enterprise IoT Apps in Days or Weeks - Not Months or Years

This white paper intends to do just that. When you’re done learning how you can save time in building IoT applications with the Axeda Platform.

Axeda Connected Content

Axeda® Connected Content, an Axeda Connected Machine Management application, automates the installation of software updates and security patches by enabling you to easily distribute packages of software instructions remotely to many devices.

Axeda Agents

Axeda Agents collect device data, process information, and communicate with the Axeda Platform so that you can make well-informed decisions. Installed on or near your devices, Axeda Agents provide instant, two-way, Firewall-Friendly™ monitoring, communication, and control of device information and events.

Axeda Connected Access

With Axeda Connected Access, an Axeda Connected Machine Management application, your experts can remotely and securely access products to troubleshoot problems, monitor and assist with user operations, perform training, and much more—all while working from their own desktops.

Axeda Connected Service

Axeda Connected Service, an Axeda Connected Machine Management application, provides field service and technical support personnel with a Web-based graphical interface and a comprehensive set of tools to remotely identify, diagnose, and repair problems with devices connected to the Axeda Platform.

eBook: 10 Steps to a Successful Smart Services Evaluation

Based on Axeda's experience with software evaluations we offer 10 suggestions for conducting a comprehensive evaluation of remote service solutions.

Leica Microsystems Case Study

Leica Microsystems reduces unscheduled downtime by 40% and cuts onsite visits by 33% in realizing an annual savings of $500,000.

Harbor Research: Philips Case Study

Axeda enables ventilators for remote upgrades and diagnostics.

Connected Product Maturity Model: Achieve Innovation with Connected Capabilities

The world is moving to connected products. Companies will leverage the data and intelligence from these connected products to create smart business processes that will transform their businesses and drive improvements in efficiencies and effectiveness. They will also use connectivity to change the customer experience and to differentiate their offerings. But where do companies start, how do they maximize the value of the connected products, and how do they innovate.

eBook: An Executive's Guide: The Machine of the Future

With all the industry buzz and vendor movement around M2M (Machine-To-Machine), the Internet of Things (IoT), and the Industrial Internet, this eBook helps executives to understand more about the value it may bring and how connected machines and assets can change their business.
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