Axeda Machine Cloud Service

The Axeda Machine Cloud Service provides the most advanced cloud-based software for managing machine data and connected assets which allows you to implement innovative products, services, and revenue streams.

Developing Enterprise IoT Apps in Days or Weeks - Not Months or Years

This white paper intends to do just that. When you’re done learning how you can save time in building IoT applications with the Axeda Platform.

The Axeda Platform Stack - An In Depth Look

The Axeda Machine Cloud is organized into three main architectural areas: Connectivity, the IoT Platform, and Axeda's Connected Machine Management Applications. Each performs an important part of the overall solution, and this document outlines over 300 components that make up the Machine Cloud stack.

Quantifying the Return on Investment: The Business Case for Internet of Things Initiatives

In this white paper, Axeda presents examples of IoT value propositions and defines an ROI model for building a business case and tracking results related to IoT initiatives. This paper uses real-world customer results and a set of key metrics to help executives and managers understand the return they should expect when investing in IoT.

Connected Product Maturity Model: Achieve Innovation with Connected Capabilities

The world is moving to connected products. Companies will leverage the data and intelligence from these connected products to create smart business processes that will transform their businesses and drive improvements in efficiencies and effectiveness. They will also use connectivity to change the customer experience and to differentiate their offerings. But where do companies start, how do they maximize the value of the connected products, and how do they innovate.

Webinar: 6.8 Overview

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Achieving Success with IoT Services: A Customer Success Story

Download this webinar to learn the steps your organization can take to have a more efficient and effective IoT model to increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction.
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