Some manufacturers are better suited than others to include IoT not just in their factories, but in their products as well, according to Sanjay Khatri, director of product marketing and M2M at Jasper Wireless Inc., which makes a platform for connected devices. "The automotive industry especially seems to have a lot of promise because of the number of cars that are sold and in terms of the value of having connectivity," he said. "Similarly, we're looking at consumer electronics as connectivity becomes an important attribute for any type of device, from medical monitoring to home appliances."

Jasper Wireless recently formed a partnership with cloud services provider Axeda to expand both companies' footprints into the IoT. According to Bill Zujewski, chief marketing officer and executive vice president of product strategy at Axeda, the omnipresent nature of the cloud can allow companies to connect with their devices around the world -- no travel budget required.

"What a lot of our customers realize is that once their machines are connected, there's a lot of interesting data they can analyze to improve their processes," he said. "For example, they could do predictive maintenance. Instead of sending someone out once a month to service a machine, they can monitor usage and see when the machine tends to [need service]. If I don't have to send a person out to repair something, I can save tremendous costs."

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Tue, 03/25/2014
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