Manufacturers have always envisioned a fully-connected supply chain.  And as supply chains grow increasingly extended and complex, connectivity has never been more important. Enter machine-to-machine (M2M) technology. The fabric that connects the Internet of Things (IoT) is also a critical tool that makes the fully connected supply chain a reality. Experts say that M2M supply-chain connectivity has the ability to transform supply-chain planning and execution and create business opportunities for manufacturers where none existed before.  Take Sealed Air Corporation, a manufacturer of protective packaging materials such as Bubble Wrap, Cryovac, and Instapak. The company teamed up with Axeda, a Foxboro, Mass.-based provider of cloud-based services and software, to monitor its machinery remotely, helping to ensure optimum efficiency and avoid unnecessary downtime.

Published Date: 
Mon, 10/07/2013
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TechTarget / SearchManufacturingERP