Eight Teams Competed in a 24-Hour Mobile App Development Competition Sponsored by AT&T

BOSTON, Mass. – May 8, 2013 – Axeda Corporation, the leading cloud-based service and software for managing connected products and delivering machine-to-machine (M2M) applications, today announced the winners of the M2M Hackathon live at Connexion 2013. 

This year’s M2M Hackathon was sponsored by AT&T.  Hackathons bring developers, designers and business gurus —or “hackers”—together to collaboratively code in an extreme manner bringing a solution from conception to implementation in 24 hours. Technical and non-technical individuals were brought together to form teams to build M2M applications while competing against each other for $10,000 in cash prizes. The judging was comprised by a panel of industry luminaries who evaluated the business and technical value of the solutions. Developers presented ideas to capitalize on a broad spectrum of connected product opportunities, and the winning apps brought the best technical execution and mobile user value to the issues they addressed:

Canary1st place overall – By sending data to the Axeda Machine Cloud, Canary uses the AT&T network to “democratize” security – bringing life-saving services to protect individuals, families and homes. 
Air Genie2nd place overall – Empowers individuals, care givers, and healthcare providers to better manage respiratory disorders by using the Axeda Machine Cloud and AT&T wireless network to collect, aggregate and analyze real-time local air quality metrics.
Audi & Klaus3rd place overall –Increases the power of the consumer to choose where to source their power – and this wireless M2M model encourages more bio-farmers, wind farmers and other local sources to provide power directly to the consumer.

Those who couldn't make it to Boston’s seaport district for the M2M Hackathon and Connexion 2013 are following a fast-moving stream of tweets using the Twitter hash tag #cx13. 

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