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June 2010 VOLUME #12


Hello All,

Today June 8th, 2010, Axeda is changing the GAME!

For the past 10 years, the world has been talking about the potential of connected products. We have talked about the amazing things that will happen when the 1 trillion devices in the world become linked. When things such as the following become reality:

  • Traffic lights sensing traffic patterns enable us to get from point A to point B safer and faster;
  • Electric devices interacting with a new smart grid, reduce our energy costs, and enable us to build a greener world for our children;
  • Personalized healthcare allows us to interact with our caregivers without going to the doctor’s office or hospital.

I have made it Axeda’s mission to change the game and bring connectivity to every product … to bring the power of these types of applications to all. Today, I am pleased to inform you that we have done it with our announcement of the Axeda Platform!

The Axeda Platform is the world’s first, fastest, and most scalable way to connect, build, and manage your connected products. You dream it, and Axeda can enable it. Our mission is simple: the Axeda Platform will be the FASTEST way to build connected products and the LEAST EXPENSIVE and MOST RELIABLE way to operate them.

The Axeda Platform will catapult the M2M industry, which up until now, has spent all of its energy in moving bits from the edge of the product to the front door of the organization. The industry had never considered that once those bits reach the front door there is a lot of work to do just to get a pilot out the door. Significant dollars need to be spent on people, servers, hosting facilities, and system maintenance, just to operate their creation. The bar to create and deliver a connected product was extremely high.

To enable the masses to build connected products, today, we are also introducing the Axeda Developer Connection, soon to become the premier destination for the worldwide M2M developer community to learn, collaborate, and build out their connected product ideas. Axeda is so confident in our platform’s technology that we’re offering this to the developer community at no charge (the first 60 days are free)!

The combination of a global resource to enable the world’s engineers to create amazing new products and to leverage Axeda’s hyper-scale environment to deliver them promises to be the catalysts that the market needs to take off.

Many of the world’s best companies are joining us in this crusade. Together, we will work tirelessly to simplify development and speed adoption of connected products.

I invite everyone to come to to see for yourselves. Let’s work together to create a world where all products are connected!

Dale Calder
President & CEO, Axeda

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